20 Best Robot Toys for Kids (that you don’t want to miss)

It’s that time of year again and the newest robot toys for kids are on everyone’s list. But just like any technology, every year they develop and get smarter.
We’ve put together the best robots for kids list, so you don’t have to worry about what to look for and where to look for it. There’s something about a robot that gets children (and parents) excited, because who doesn’t like ordering a robot around the place!
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Whether it’s a super cool gift or just for home, robots are a favorite with both girls and boys of all ages. Robots are fantastic play tools, learning tools and overall just great fun! Robots can be an interactive buddy loaded with numerous impressive features and they can do all sorts of amazing tricks.
There are a few new cool Star Wars robots out, and trusted brands like Lego, Meccanno and Sphero have new robots controlled by apps.
1. Meccano M.A.X
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Just out, the Mecanno M.A.X is sure to be a top hit for the Holiday season. This robot has a little bit of A.I and you can program him to do lots of things. He plays games, talks and moves around on his wheels, avoiding objects with his infrared sensors. The more you play with M.A.X , the more he gets to know you and incorporates more phrases and games. M.A.X can be controlled in three ways; using the app, voice commands or with the in-built controls keypad. Designed for kids aged 10+, he’s a fun playmate that will not disappoint. Plus you have to build him yourself!
2. Cozmo
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Cozmo has a huge personality and is one of the best robot toys for kids. Cozmo expresses real emotions in response to you. The more you play the more you can unlock new games and upgrades. Cozmo isn’t an average remote controlled robot, he gets curious and will explore. This clever robot plots and plans instead of just learning and repeating, and has entertaining emotions. With a recent update you can now code Cozmo with Scratch blocks using the Cozmo Code Lab app.
3. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler
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If you were a fan of the FurReal Torch Dragon, then Roarin’ Tyler is the next step up. When you roar at the robot tiger, he roars back! He plays with toys that you give him and can move his head, mouth, eyes and ears. His back legs are moveable so you can change his position and even hug him properly.
4. R2-D2 Droid by Sphero
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The R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero is a robot toy that you will probably buy for yourself, but pretend it’s for your kid. Detailed and small, he comes with a micro USB charging cable, stickers and instructions to download the app. Complete with authentic R2D2 movements like bipod to tripod stances, he can interact with the other Sphero Droids like the BB8 and BB9 Droid.
5. Star Wars BB-8 with Star Wars Force Band by Sphero
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Still popular, the Sphero BB8 is one cool Star Wars robot. Using the Force band, kids can control the droid with push, pull and drive gestures. Packed with fun features, like being able to record and play your own holographic messages, BB8 is a companion that has won the hearts of many. Similar to the Sphero ball, the BB8 uses an app that directs him to explore his surrounding and complete missions.
6. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot
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Get ready to play, with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot. Batman themed robot toys for kids, will take your imagination to the next level. The Batbot morphs from a tank into a full combat robot. He can shoot four discs or use the claw on his arm to capture bad guys. The Batbot comes programmed with over one hundred working phrases. You can choose mission phrases, which move the story along or use the systems check phrases for computer like sounds and sirens.
7. Lego Boost
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Lego building kits are always a favorite and a great activity that parents and kids can do together. The new Lego Boost gets a little more educational and teaches kids to program using simple drag and drop code. Kids can build some cool exciting lego robots and use a smart device to make it move. As the name suggests, you can ‘Boost’ your lego to build, code and play with a reliable brand that’s been around for years.
8. Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero
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Once Sphero have their name attached to it, you can guarantee it’s going to be something special! Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars, is a remote control car with his own personality. The car windscreen displays his eyes, which animate, his front lights detect when it’s dark and switch on, and he has an animatronic mouth. Once you see this car in action, you can see the absolute quality in Lightning McQueen and what sets it aside from other RC cars.
9. Dance Code Belle
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Interact with your favorite Disney Princess Belle as she practices dancing for the ball. This is a great way for kids to learn and have fun playing with a singing and dancing Disney Princess. Using a smartphone or tablet, kids can code the robot, to perform certain dance moves. There is simple block coding for younger kids or a more complex way to code Belle for older users. Belle talks and sings as she moves around the dance floor.
10. Meccano: Micronoid
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Build, program and play with your very own robot with the Meccano Micronoid. This robot is easy to put together and comes with all the tools you will need in the box. There are three styles to choose from, or take them all home. These funky little guys interact with each other, racing through obstacles or just dancing together. Anytime they hear a beat, these mini robots will begin dancing to it. The Micronoid robot uses simple push button programming to play.
11. Zoomer Show Pony
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Full of personality and fun, the Zoomer Pony is a perfect gift for the horse lover in your family. Zoomer Pony comes with many treats you can feed her such as an apple, a carrot and a sugar cube. She recognizes each item and displays her emotions and actions with her bright eyes. Watch out, if she eats too much of the sugar cube, then she will get hyper and start to sing and dance. You can calm Zoomer Pony down by brushing her hair.
12. Meccano MeccaSpider
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A robotic pet spider that can squirt venom, yes this is the new MeccaSpider from Meccano! Kids can play a variety of built in games and even program their spiders using the Meccano app or onboard controls. With Infrared sensors, the MeccaSpider can sense intruders, pursue them, and fire a squirt of water (or spiders venom). Targeted at kids age 10 and up, this robotic spider will take around 1-3 hours to build.
13. FurReal Makers Proto Max
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The FurReal Proto Max has a transparent body and actually looks like a robot dog. He comes in 8 pieces and you have to put him together before the fun begins. He is simple to build and you can code Proto Max using an app. Kids can customize everything about their dog, including the sounds he makes, his color, eye animations and routine movements. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this is a cool coding toy that children will love.
14. Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 (Life Size)
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It’s the dream, an actual life sized scaled BB8 droid! At 16 inches tall, (19 inches with antenna) the Hero Droid BB-8 from Spin Master is one of the biggest robots for kids. This RC Droid uses a remote control, follows voice commands and has a follow me mode, so he will roll along by your side. Hero Droid BB-8 also has replica lights and sounds from the films. If you’re looking for an oversized Droid Robot, here he is!
15. LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
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Star Wars is still as popular as ever and now you (and your kids) can design, build and customize your very own R2D2. This DIY droid is as unique as they come, and has the added bonus of teaching kids about electronics. The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit, is new on the market and will undoubtedly be a hit with everyone that builds it. Controlled with a tablet or smartphone, kids can drive their little robot about and complete missions.
16. Air Hogs ROBO TRAX
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If you love robots that are out of the box instant fun and have no limitations, then this is the toy for you. The Air Hogs ROBO TRAX is made tough to roll over rocks, mud, snow, rough terrain and more so that you don’t have any limit to where you can roam. RC robots should be easy to drive and this one stands up to balance on its two legs and fires missiles as it rolls.
17. Minion MiP Turbo Dave
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What do you get when a Minion crosses a MIP? Turbo Dave, a balancing robot toy for kids. Dave is controlled using an app and also responds to hand gestures, like hand swipes, shakes, pokes and claps. Minions appeal to a younger audience, so if you are looking for robots for preschoolers or a young child, it’s a fun choice. Kids can play games and even use some very simple block based coding, so there’s a little educational value added.
18. Transformers Trypticon
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One of the most popular robots for kids has been brought back from the Eighties and remastered by Hasbro. The Transformers Trypticon Figure is ready for more action and Decepticon play. This robot transforms from a walking T-Rex, to a city and then to a battle station. He is powered by batteries and loaded with cannons and lasers for attack. It is easy to transform Trypticon in just a few easy steps. Also included is the mini figure of Full-Tilt, who transforms from a car to a robot with a weapon.
19. WowWee – Mip, Miposaur and Chip Robot Dog
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These toy robots from WowWee, are sure to give little ones hours of fun. You can play and toss the ball with CHiP the robotic dog, practice balancing things on Mip’s tray or give commands to the Miposaur, a fun robot dinosaur. Year after year WowWee is still popular as they make robots for kids that last.
20. Robo Wunderkind
Available for pre-order, Robo Wunderkind are the latest coding robots designed for children as young as 5 years old. The drag and drop coding resembles the actual blocks themselves, making it visually easy to understand how to make the robots move. The kits range from starter to professional and will be a cool addition to classrooms.
21. SainSmart Jr. RC Transformation Car
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A car that changes into a robot with the touch of a button, it never gets old! The Sainsmart Jr. RC Transformation Car is a little robot that packs a punch. Kids can use the remote to rotate him 360 degrees and move him forward, back, left or right. He makes sounds and also has LED headlights. For Transformer fans, this will certainly amuse kids for hours.
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