Free Printable Multiplication Worksheet

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Practice your math skills by solving 20 multiplication problems.  A free printable answer key is provided.
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The worksheet shown below features triple-digit numbers multiplied by single-digit numbers.
Multiplication is one of the four basic operations in elementary arithmetic. The other three are addition, subtraction and division. Multiplication is the opposite of division. When dealing with whole numbers, multiplication is simply repeated addition.
Multiplication in math is represented by a small letter x. The numbers being multiplied are called factors. The result of the multiplication is called the product.
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Printable Multiplication Worksheet
Another way to multiply single digit numbers by three digit numbers is by breaking the problem up into three separate equations.
For instance, if the problem is 8 x 624, the solution is 8 x 600, PLUS 8 x 20, PLUS 8 x 4. In other words, the solution is 4,800 + 160 + 32, which is 4,992.
A man in Saint Paul Minnesota once solved 100 multiplication problems in just over a minute.
In rare cases, some people who are afflicted with autism and also mentally retarded can do multiplication in their heads as well as the world's best mathematicians.
The world record time for solving ten problems that involve multiplying two 8-digit numbers together is just under four and a half minutes. The feat was accomplished by Marc Jornet Sanz of Spain, who beat his own previous record of 4 minutes, 56 seconds. Not too surprising is that Mr. Sanz also holds the world speed record for multiplying 5-digit numbers.
Here's the Multiplication Worksheet Answer Key.
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